Aviation Expo

Thinking about L.A. got me thinking about Aviation Expo at Van Nuys airport. It was one of the things that I loved going to during the summers. I’d heard that it was canceled a few years back, but never found out why. This evening, curiosity got the best of me. I searched online and about all I could find was reference to an article the Los Angeles Daily News. So I searched there, and discovered I’d have to pay in order to view the article.

I forked over the $1.95 and within seconds had the article. So why was Aviation Expo canceled after 41 years?

The 41-year-old Van Nuys air show, the San Fernando Valley’s biggest event – drawing crowds of up to 300,000 people – is being grounded to make way for firefighting helicopters, airport officials announced Thursday.

Construction this month of a 13-acre Los Angeles Fire Department air operations facility at Van Nuys Airport will scale back the popular air show that featured large-scale military aircraft demonstrations, Van Nuys Airport spokeswoman Stacey Geere said.

The decision to shut down the show was made quietly by airport officials last fall. The Van Nuys Airport Citizens Advisory Council was told last month and the decision only became public Thursday when the Daily News inquired about plans for the event.

So now I know, I guess. Still, what a disappointment!


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