City of Angels

I caught part of “City of Angels” on one of the HBO channels tonight and it reminded me of living in L.A. I went to my diary and searched around for when I saw that movie, but I don’t think I noted it. It came out in April 1998 but there was no notation in my diary of seeing that movie in the month of April. Maybe it wasn’t noteworthy enough. It was an “okay” movie. But seeing it tonight, and especially hearing Sarah McLachlan’s song, “Angel” brought back some strong memories of living in L.A., on Tujunga Ave just north of Ventura Blvd.

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that I spent 19 years in that city, wishing I was back east. And now that I’m back, I sometimes miss that place.

Okay, so I went and bought a Sarah McLachlan album from the Apple Music Store. They didn’t have Fumbling Towards Ecstacy for some reason, which is the one I recall listening to most back then. But they did have Surfacing which contains the song “Angel”. I’ll listen to it tonight when I go to sleep.


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