I got into New York City at around 6 PM after a rather boring train ride (although I did manage to proofread 33 pages of “Graveyard Shift”). I took a taxi from Penn station to Jen and Jason’s place and arrived out front just as Jason was getting home from work.

A friend of his was having a birthday celebration at a bar in the west village, so we headed downtown to a place called Lederhosen, a German bar/restaurant on a quiet block north of Bleecker.

It was really kind of amusing. Jen and Jason made this deal where they are going veggie for the month of August. So here we were at a German restaurant with half a dozen other people, who were ordering weiners, and sausage and all kinds of meats (I had meatballs). And Jason ordered some kind of smoked macrel or something.

Incidentally, I had my first ever shot of Jaeger at that bar. It tasted like cough syrup and I limited my participation to just the one.

We shared a cab ride home with one of Jason’s friends who was sloshed and who was, at the same time, hysterical.


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