Playing catch-up

It’s amazing how far behind you can get when you don’t have wireless access for three days. I left NYC this morning on the 10 AM Acela and got into the office at about 1 PM and immediately went into catch-up mode, first on work and then on the blog.

I managed to get through more than 100 pages of The Executioner’s Song on the train today. It is a tough read because you’re reading about essentially a bad guys, but I am enjoying it. It’s well written, and interesting style of journalistic writing.

Aside from getting this journal up-to-date (which, with this entry, I have now achieved), I found myself way behind on the other journals and feeds that I read. There is no way I can get caught up during the day today, but I hope to do some catching up when I get home this evening.

I am picking Zeke up from the vet after work today and then he’ll be home for good. Hopefully, he won’t be too upset with me.


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