Catching up

Work has been so busy that I’m behind the curve on my blog reading. I’ve got to carve out 20 minutes tomorrow and get caught up.

It was a beautiful day today, with highs in the 60s, but I was indoors all day and couldn’t enjoy it, except for the drive home from the metro station. I rolled down the car window for the drive and it was very pleasant.

Paid the phone bill yesterday. Mail today was all junk.

The kitchen is cleaned up, including the table that I usually just pile stuff on. I wonder how long it will take before junk accumulates again.

I’ve got nearly all of my tax documents together and hope to send them off to the accountant this weekend. I’m expecting a tax bill in the neighborhood of $2,500. We’ll see.

I started reading Rob Sawyer’s The Terminal Experiment at lunch today, and so far, I’m really enjoying it. Rob has a way of sucking you into a story that defies explanation. I want to model my story-telling after his style, but I can’t quite figure out how he does it.

Finally, several people sent this to me today, so I might as well repost it here for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Back when I was flying, I sometimes had to land in pretty strong crosswinds. The Cessna 172 I flew was tested in up to 14 knot direct crosswinds and there may have been a day when I landed the plane with 11 or 12 knot crosswinds. You “crab” the plane in these cases, with the nose pointing into the wind, rather than straight down the runway. It looks strange. But it was nothing like this (thanks to kevnyc for the YouTube link):


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