These are the days

It’s been crazy today, as evident by the fact that it’s now almost 2:30 and this is my first entry of the day. It has mostly to do with work.

I have three projects on which I am working. One is scheduled to roll out on Monday. Another in about 5 weeks. The last I’m acting more as an advisor than anything else. Anyway, last night, the decision was made at a high level to postpone the project due to rollout in 5 weeks and I have been asked to lead a different, but very high profile project. So today is a day of learning for me.

I was supposed to work from home today because the house was being inspected. That took all of 4 minutes and when it was over (at 10:04 AM) I decided to come into the office. I’ll be here a little later than usual. I have a meeting that doesn’t even start until 5 PM. So it’s one of those days.

At least the Yanks won last night and the Red Sox lost, so that once again the Yanks are 3 games up on Boston.


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