Coming soon… a day in the life

I had very little time to journal today because events at work had me switching projects changing deadlines, and in general just trying to stay afloat.

To make up for the slow journaling day, tomorrow I am going to do a “day in the life” series of entries. The idea is that I will write roughly one entry an hour, first person, present tense (for some added drama) that will give an idea of what a busy work day is like for me.

And I do mean busy. The first 6 hours of my work day tomorrow are preparing some software for rollout on Monday and preparing for a training session later on in the day. Then, I am teaching a 2 hour glass on how to use the software. I have a 4 PM training session with Bernard, followed by our softball team year-end party at 6 PM at Champps. I can’t guarantee I’ll get an update every hour, but I’ll do my best to stay close.


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