Early to bed, early to rise

I am committed to getting to bed by 8:30 tonight. Today was a long-ass day and tomorrow is going to be another one and I was so tired on the train ride home, that I dozed off right in the middle of a story I was reading in SCIENCE FICTION AGE, Volume 1, Issue 2. (Let me make it clear that my falling asleep had nothing to do with the story.)

I escaped the office a little late, and I had to stop at the grocery store when I got home. After that, I picked up my dinner and ate as soon as I got here (even though it had only been 2-1/2 hours since my mid-afternoon meal). I then made my lunch for tomorrow and cleaned the dishes. I’m all set and it’s 6:40 PM. I have more story revisions to work on, and I’ll probably work on them for about an hour. Then it’s off to bed. Maybe I’ll read for a little while, but lights are out at 8:30 because 8 hours later, it starts all over again.


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