More proofreading

I have a plan now for finishing up the proofreading and editing of “Graveyard Shift” in order to get it in the mail and on its way to F&SF Saturday morning:

1. Complete proofreading the second third of the story tonight. (This is now done)

2. Complete the final third of the story tomorrow night.

3. Put the story into final draft form on Friday night and prepare the manuscript

4. Send it off first thing Saturday morning.

Once that is in the mail, I plan on starting a new story Saturday afternoon. Originally, my plan was to begin a story I am calling “If By Reason of Strength”. But I got a new story idea today–a time travel story–that has caught fire with me. It’s a pretty short story (the story idea came to me fully-formed, beginning, middle and ending) so I may sneak that one in first.

But right now I’m done for the night. I’m hitting the shower and then it’s off to bed for me.


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