Changes coming to my book database

Ever since I switched from a PC to a Mac at home, I have been using Booxter to manage my collection of books. Back in the day, I had developed my own, Windows-based, home grown application to manage it, but on the Mac, Booxter seemed the way to go. It served me well for quite some time.

But I want something web-based, something that will do libaray and reference management, and something that ties seemlessly into my reading list application. Over the last week, I have been working on the data model in my spare time, and I now have a model that I think does everything I need it to do. To make this work on the web, I’ve decided to do it as a LAMP application (replacing the L for Linux with a D for Darwin): Darwin (Mac), Apache, MySQL, PHP. I’m using a three-tier model for the application design and I have outlined the core API (stored procedures) for the database layer.

I plan on getting started this Labor Day weekend. My goals for the weekend are as follows:

  1. Implement the data model in MySQL
  2. Code the API
  3. Export my data from Booxter into my new data model

If I can get that much done over the long weekend, I will be very happy.

As for the longer-term plan, I am trying to completely seperate the presentation layer from the rest of the application so that the initial interfaces will be bare-bones HTML. Ultimately, I will build up the look and feel using CSS. Once I have a working data management interface, I will look into porting portions of the application to my public website, so that people can search the database if they want to.

Sounds like the perfect thing to be working on during this long and rainy weekend.

I’m also looking into buying two more bookshelves for my home office since I am way out of space on the 7 existing shelve units. But more on this later.


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