More work on the book and reading database

While waiting for Mom and Dad to call last night, I got some more work done on the MySQL/PHP version of my book collection, reading and submissions database. It is now generating lists from the database, which is good. No styles have been applied yet and so it’s really not in any condition to make public yet, but I think I’ll have something to show in a week or so.

I’m having a good time working on it. I find it easier to do certain database related tasks in PHP than in perl. Plus it’s fun to work on something of your own. Today at work, I’ll be working on C# all morning, developing fixes for 13 “open” bugs in the project tracking system I have been developing. And if I get all those out of the way before noon, then I move onto integrating the system security programmatically with Active Directory, something that I started on yesterday and that grew increasingly confusing the longer I worked on it.


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