More database progress

Over the weekend, and this evening, I’ve been working away at getting my book collection and reading databases converted from their old formats into a normalized MySQL database. This has been done and the database was successfully imported into my instance of MySQL with my ISP.

The next step is to write the code to allow people to access and query these databases. I started off using perl as a quick and dirty way to make sure I could programmatically access the databases over the web. Once I established this, I dumped perl and started the actual writing of code using PHP, which is much easier for this type of work. This phase will take longer as I am trying to modularize the code in a way that makes sense, but based on my progress this evening, I may have a new version of my reading list up and running in a few days.

The new versions will initially be mostly style-free: this means that no CSS or other fancy styles will be to applied to the pages; just some basic HTML formatting. Making it look pretty is secondary to functionality as far as I am concerned. But eventually, it will look pretty too.


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