Mail call!

Lots of mail today when I got home from work. First, the March issue of ANALOG, which had a great essay by Stanley Schmidt on “New Writers”. (Also mentioned in the “In Times to Come” section is a new story by mabfan in the April 2007 issue.) Then there were holiday cards. From Brittany, Meagan and Lesa. From Jon, Hollie and William. From Bonnie and Tom. From my financial adviser and his assistants. And one from vickyandnorm who signed their names “Norman and Victoria” which sounded incredibly formal to me. If I didn’t know any better, every one of these folks conspired to send their cards on the same day in an attempt to flood me with holiday cheer. (I should mention that I also received a card from strausmouse and Ryane last week, lest they feel left out.) I am always touched that people take the time to send out holiday cards. I also feel properly guilty about not sending cards out myself, but the fact is that I don’t. I’m too lazy.

There was a bill from T-Mobile. A newsletter from my alumni association, and another letter asking for money from said association. Finally, there were a few pieces of junk.

No package yet from Mom and Dad. I had a curious message from Mom over the weekend telling me that she’d sent a package, and I was not to open it until we could do a video iChat and then could watch me open it. How’s that for making one curious? And the pressure!


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