The holiday party

My company had it’s holiday party last night. It was the biggest turnout I’d seen in several years and it was fun. Kelly came and we spent time talking with friends and coworkers, eating a variety of good foods (Karl, Todd and I did several deviled egg “shots”), and in general, having a really fun time.

After the party was over, we headed over to Carpool where we met several more friends for drinks. From there we walked back to Kelly’s place.

This morning, we had scrambled eggs for breakfast, and a little later, we made ginger bread, which was also pretty good. We lazed around for much of the morning, but eventually we got to the gym and I did a cardio workout, plus a little bit of abs and arm work. Now I’m all set to start with strength training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

We headed back to my place early this afternoon. We both had to do a little bit of work. Some storms are expected this evening. I had a bunch of mail. Renewal for our Orioles season tickets arrived today. Also some holiday cards I ordered from Buttercream Cards. I guess I have some holiday cards to work on!


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