Instant Gratification Nation (Or, What I’m Willing To Go Through To Get a Book)

Ken Jennings‘ first book, Brainiac, was released today, and you can be sure that I was standing in front of my local Borders bookstore before the gates opened at 10 AM. (They actually didn’t open the gates until 10:05 AM.)

They didn’t have the book.

I couldn’t believe it! I was annoyed beyond description. They could have it here in a few days, but not today. So I wandered back up to my office and looked at Amazon. Amazon is offering the book for about $16 and to have it delivered to me tomorrow would be another $16. It seemed silly to pay $32 to get the book tomorrow.

I checked other bookstores online.

Borders downtown on 14th and F had the book. It was 10:30 AM. I had a meeting at 11 AM. But I just had to have the book! I asked to postpone the meeting until 11:30 AM and made a mad dash for the Metro. The Metro gods were with me today. I didn’t wait more than two minutes for a train. I got to the store and after a brief search, I found the book, purchased it, and headed back to work.

Of course, I cracked the book open as I was walking back to the metro station. As is my wont, I turned to the acknowledgements pages first (I always read acknowlegements first, and then introductions). When I got there, I found this (no joke):

Am I the only one who turns straight to the Acknowledgments page of a book as soon as I buy it? It’s a weird habit, and I’m not really sure why I do it…

How about that?

The book is now in hand, it’s lunchtime and I’m going to start reading. See what instant gratification is doing to me? (I suppose this is one argument to make all books electronic media, but no, I couldn’t bear it!)

Oh yeah, and I got back to work in time for my meeting.


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