Ring of Laughter

Thanks to kevnyc and strausmouse, I found myself cracking up on the Metro this morning while I came into work. Last week I’d been talking about how I wanted to pick up some more punk for my music collection. Kevin and Eric both made some recommendation, in particular, Social Distortion’s self-titled album. But they both warned me not to look at the list of songs, which is harder than you might think. I downloaded the album yesterday and I did not look at the list of songs. When I got onto the train this morning, I listened to the album. It’s actually a really good album and I was impressed.

And then track 5 came on, and I knew that was why they didn’t want me to look at the list of songs. Track 5 is a cover of “Ring of Fire”, about which I complained last week. When I heard the song, I just cracked up laughing, much to the confusion of my fellow commuters.

I am now going to draw the ire and revultion of all Johnny Cash fans by saying, unequivocally, that I much prefer Social Distortion’s version of “Ring of Fire” to the original. It just has more energy to it. These guys sound like they mean it.

So thank you Kevin and Eric for the recommendation and for the warning not to look at the song list ahead of time. It made for an amusing commute this morning.


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