The mysteries of’s shipping algorithm

Several days ago, I ordered Andy Rooney‘s new book of essays, Out of My Mind from

I selected the Standard shipping option, which is 5-7 business days.

I received a confirmation, estimating a delivery date of October 11.

Today when I checked the shipping status, it said the “unit” had arrived at my local post office at 5:26 AM.

When I got home, I had the book.

I’m not complaining, but what’s wrong with this picture? Is Amazon’s algorithm for estimating delivery so bad that they miss their target (plus or minus) by a whole week? Am I asking too much here? I should just go with it, right? Okay.

I am an Andy Rooney fan. What can I say. He writes great essays, and he’s hilarious. I’m not sure there is a better humor essayist alive today. Of course, I don’t read any other humor essayists so I wouldn’t know. But I blame that on the fact that there are no good humor essayists out there, except for Mr. Rooney. I know, you’re going to throw David Sedaris at me. He’ll get a smirk out of me every now and then when I read something of his in THE NEW YORKER; but he’s minor leagues compared to Andy Rooney. I like my essayists squat, and curmudgeonly, with unkempt bushy-white eyebrows. Oh, and they have to be able to write. But that’s just me.

I started the book 10 minutes ago and I laughed for the first time in the second paragraph of the first essay. It’s going to be fun on the train into work tomorrow…


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