Monday night phonecall

(That’s a pun on Monday night football, get it?) I received exactly 1 call while at work today. At home this evening, I received three. First there was the call from jen_ashlock who told me all about her trip to Hawaii. Next was a call from vickyandnorm who told me how they have become stalkers. Finally, there was the call from strausmouse where we negotiated various deals and decided how best to acheive world domination. By the time all of the calls were done, it was already 9:30 and I have to be up at 4:30 AM to head to the gym!

On the bright side, my lunch is packed, I’ve got my “arms and shoulders” workout index card and my new iPod is charging on it’s new dock. (I’m sending my old iPod to Eric so that he too can join the world of geeks everywhere walking around with white earplugs dripping from their ears.)

I’m 180 pages through Lunar Prospector and probably going to read a bit more before I go to sleep. No Studio 60 tonight; it’s just on too late for me.


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