What happened to the romance of voting?

I got to my polling place at 7:15 PM and there was a long line. It took 45 minutes to get through the line, and I cast my ballot just before 8 PM, when the polls close.

  • Governor/Lt. Governor: O’Malley/Brown
  • Comptroller: Peter Franchot
  • Attorney General: Douglas F. Gansler
  • U.S. Senator: Benjamin L. Cardin
  • Representative in Congress (District 05): Steny Hoyer
  • State Senator District 22: Paul Pinsky
  • House of Delegates District 22 (vote for 3): Gains, Healy, Ross
  • County Executive: Jack Johnson
  • County Council District 003: Eric C. Olson
  • Judge, Court of Special Appeals: Ellen Holander (YES to continue)
  • Judge, Court of Special Appeals Circuit 04: James P. Salmon (YES to continue)
  • State’s Attorney: Glenn F. Ivey
  • Clerk of the Circuit Court: Pegee Magee
  • Register of Wills: Cereta Lee
  • Judges of the Orphans Court (vote for 3): Cartwright, Groves, Ivory-Orem
  • Sheriff: Michael A. Jackson
  • Board of Education at Large (vote for 4): Beck, Jacobs, Thomas, Watson
  • Board of Education District 001: Rosalind Johnson
  • Board of Education District 002: Heather Illiff
  • Board of Education District 003: Pat Fletcher
  • Board of Education District 004: Steven Morris
  • Board of Education District 005: Owen Johnson, Jr.

    But somehow, the romance of voting is gone. The last several elections in Maryland use the electronic touch-screen ballots. I liked going into the booths and pulls the curtain closed and then punching the cards, or pulling the lever. It’s just not the same.

    Incidentally, I waited in line for 45 minutes, listening to my iPod and when I got the front of the line, one of the election judges asked me to turn my iPod off. I’m not sure how my iPod would have affected the election, but I turned it off.


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