Presidential Primary

I voted last night in the Maryland primary. I left work a little early in order to avoid the long lines they were warning about. As it turns out, there was no line when I got to my polling place, at just before 4 PM. In fact, it took me 2 minutes to vote, and that includes the time from when I set foot in the building, to when I left.

I voted for Obama, who ended up sweeping the “Potomac” states.

Interestingly enough, it started icing (raining ice, for you West Coasters) at about the time I voted. I thought nothing of it, as I was a quarter of a mile from home. But as it turns out, it made traffic a nightmare. So much so that the Powers That Be decided to keep the Maryland polls open until 9:30 PM so that people stuck in traffic could vote.

This morning, when I left for work, it was still icing pretty badly, but it was very early (4:55 AM) and there was no one on the roads so I made it to the metro station in one piece. Listening to people here in the office, I’m so glad I take the train. I nicely avoid all of the horror stories.


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