Preliminary Boskone schedule

I mentioned Boskone in my last post. They have posted their “almost final” program schedule and I went through it this morning, trying to decide what I wanted to see. It’s tough; I wanted a mix of good s.f. discussion, as well as good sessions on writing. Here is my preliminary list, subject to change, of course, up to the last minute.

Friday, February 15

7 PM: Selling What You Write
8 PM: Applied SF: Using SF in the Real World or Tracking History (leaning toward the latter)

Saturday, February 16

10 AM: SF and Fantasy as Modern Myth
12 PM: The Appeal of the Lawless Elite or Mining your Obsessions (leaning toward the former)
1 PM: Do Sweat the Small Stuff: Writing Short Fiction (okay, so I like stories by both James Patrick Kelly and Kelly Link)
3 PM: Good Things Come In Small Packages: The Craft of Short Fiction
4 PM: Battlestar Galactic Endings — Roll Your Own (okay, since giving up TV, I don’t watch BSG anymore, but mabfan is also moderating this one, but the description is hilarious)
8 PM: Stories You Wish You Never Heard Of
9 PM: Boskone & NESFA Awards Ceremony
10 PM: Nominating for the Hugos: Written (maybe)

Sunday, February 17

10 AM: I Want My 20 Hour Workweek
11 AM: Will 2008 be the Year When eBooks Made It? (Charles Stross is on the panel in this one) or The Fifty Year Conversation of SF or Starship Troopers: What’s all the Fuss? This is going to be a tough decision.
12 PM: Working in the Shadows: Influences
1 PM: Do the Hugos Need Fixing?
2 PM: Immortal Longings: Chasing Literary Fame that Lasts

My flight leaves at 7 PM on Sunday. This schedule should keep me pretty busy. I’m looking forward to seeing a number of people at the convention. It will be the biggest one I’ve attended so far. strausmouse may be coming into town to hangout for a night, too, so I may get to see him there. I’m open to suggestions on which panels to attend, especially on the one’s where I’m undecided.


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