Making the switch!

I have decided that I am no longer waiting for the Powers That Be to make a smart decision. Instead, beginning today, I am officially converting to the superior Metric system of measurement. No more miles and feet, no more quarts and gallons, no more ounces and pounds. From now on it’s kilometers and meters, liters, grams and kilograms.

I’ve started mentally practicing some practical conversions: my car takes about 40 liters of gasoline. I get about 16 kilometers per liter as far as gas mileage goes. I weigh just over 67 kg, and I stand 1.75 meters tall.

I think the trickier parts will be converting the weights at the gym to kilograms, but even that is pretty straight-foward.

Anyway, I’m doing it. I think it’s ridiculous that the United States sticks with an ancient, silly system of English measures. Heck, Thomas Jefferson got us to convert to a metric currency back in 18th century. Why not the rest of our measures?


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