Tonight’s writing was a literal breeze

I went through the usual routine when I put the toddler to bed. We read a book (Oh the Thinks You Can Think!) and then I sang to him, the usual fare, Bing Crosby stuff. For some reason, “Trade Winds” came to mind tonight and that turned out to be significant in helping me break through this week-long slump I’ve had in making progress on the novelette.

The second scene of the story was originally to take place in a stogy old office, rather boring as a setting and I wasn’t particularly looking forward to it, even though it is an important scene since it introduces the other viewpoint character. But sitting there, singing “Down where the trade winds play…” it occurred to me that there is absolutely no reason why the scene had to take place in an office. So I decided to move the scene to Lihue airport in Kaua’i (several centuries in the future, of course) and have the character sitting in the outdoor waiting area, awaiting a flight. It worked out perfectly. The setting was much better and I was better able to arrange the scene.

It needs work, of course, but I’m not worried about that at this point. I just want to get the whole draft done. But I learned a valuable lesson that might serve me well in the future. If a scene isn’t working for me, try a change of scenery.

I’m so glad I sing the Little Man Bing Crosby instead of lullabies. Who knows where the scene might have ended up if it was the reverse?


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