After months of fits and starts on a story that I think can be really good, I finally wrote the right beginning tonight. For people who don’t write, it might be more difficult to understand, but sometimes (for me anyway), the “right” beginning of the story isn’t always obvious. Usually this means I’ve started the story in the wrong place and with this particular story (currently called “If By Reason of Strength…”) I must have written and rewritten the beginning of the story 20 times. Each time I knew it wasn’t right. But tonight, I feel confident that I found the right place to start the story.

I did about 500 words and I know pretty well how the rest of the story will go, with specific scenes sketched out in vague terms. It’s just a matter of filling in the details. Incidentally, the two lead characters in this story are Norman and Victoria. Gee, I wonder where those names came from?


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