Writing update for 2/7/2011

As promised, I tried out my new schedule tonight. I started writing a little early, at 7pm and wrote for about a solid hour and a half, completing the third scene of “Rescue” and adding about 1,500 words to the story. It now stands at around 4,500, out of an estimated 15,000 or so. The plot took an interesting turn in this scene. I needed a reason for a team of explorers to be out exploring a distant planet and a friend provided a suggestion that got my mind going. I decided to take an idea that I’d been saving for another story and join it with this one, and it fit in very nicely with the plot.

This scene is now substantially changed from what it was in it’s novel form with the roles of the two characters in the scene almost reversed. It is still first draft quality, but I’m setting up the proper breadcrumbs, and in particular, establishing a good story arc.

Just before I started writing this evening, I felt a bit worn out, but with the toddler down to sleep and Kelly heading off to bed, I sat down at my desk with my noise-canceling headset canceling out the remaining noise and really got into focusing on the details of the scene. It felt pretty good. And now, of course, I can sleep in and not feel guilty about it, so long as I manage to get to the keyboard again tomorrow night. And I don’t foresee a problem there. The writing I did tonight has pulled me back into this story and I’m jazzed about it and eager to write scene 4.


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