If at first you don’t succeed, alter your schedule

I can be stubborn about some things, but there comes a point when even I can see that something isn’t work. Last week I wrote about my schedule. My favorite time to write is early in the morning because there is an early win in the day. I’ve achieved something before 7am. This is all well and good if one can manage to stick to a schedule, something which I used to have no problem doing, but something about which, now, I can’t seem to handle. Every night I tell myself that I’m getting up at 5am to write. I put my head down on the pillow thinking about scenes in the upcoming story. And every morning, without fail, I sleep in.

It’s time to change the schedule. At this point, it’s more important to get the writing done than it is to do it in the morning, so I’m going to try shifting things around a bit. I’ll sleep in (as I have been) and instead so my writing in the evening, between 8-10pm. If I am sleeping in, I can stay up later. Regardless of how late I stay up, there is a point at which I must get up in the morning to get into the day job. I figure I’ll try my hand at writing beginning around 8pm and see how things go. Instead of laying in bed thinking about what I’d be writing the next morning, I’ll just stay up and write it. It still leaves the hour beforehand open for writing blog posts for the next day and so I can settle down at 8 knowing that everything else is done for the day. And I can go to bed that night with a win.

Starting tonight.


    1. Considering that my little one is down at 7pm and Kelly is often off to bed by about 8pm, it’s just as good at time as 5am, except that I’m already awake. What’s frustrating is that I never used to have a problem getting up early. I blame it on an increase in the number of trips around the sun. 😉


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