New Blog Schedule Begins on April 10

Beginning on Monday, April 10, the blog will have a new schedule. There will be a new post Monday through Thursday each week. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, things will be quiet.

There are two reasons for this change:

  1. As much fun I have writing these posts (and I do have fun–more fun than any other type of writing I do), it isn’t easy to come up with something new every single day of the week. My brain needs time to recharge. Otherwise, I end up forcing things, and write posts that aren’t as good as they might otherwise be.

  2. Several months of stats have shown a pretty consistent pattern. People read the blog Monday through Thursday, but readership drops pretty dramatically (by several hundred readers per day) Friday through Sunday. The change ensures there are quality posts on the days people are reading, and I don’t feel forced to post something on the days people are not.

I’ve been consistently writing a post a day since November. The new schedule cuts things down by 4/7ths. I’ll still likely continue to write in advance and build up a decent backlog of scheduled posts, but I also hope that the decreased output allows more time for better posts. We’ll see how it goes.



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