Minor scheduling note for Episode 12 of the Vacation in the Golden Age

While strictly speaking each episode is scheduled to appear on Monday of each week, the fact is that I have been getting the posts out late on Sunday afternoons or early Sunday evenings. While I have finished reading the June 1940 issue, and started the write-up, 3 things have conspired against me this week:

  1. I have had some pretty long hours at the day job this week, including all day Saturday, which is pretty unusual.
  2. I started feeling sick last night (the Little Man is sick and when he is sick we usually end up sick) and that has slowed me down today.
  3. I just have to watch the Yankees/Red Sox game tonight at 8 pm.

What all of this means is that the post for Episode 12 really will come out on Monday morning (tomorrow) as opposed to Sunday evening.

I just wanted to let you know in case you were repeatedly checking for the latest post this evening. I hope you will forgive me this minor delay.


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