A delay for Episode 13 of my Vacation in the Golden Age

Rather than stress about it all weekend long, I’m just going to announce that Episode 13 of my Vacation in the Golden Age will appear a week from Sunday (April 24). That’s right, there will be no Episode this Sunday.

The problem is that I’ve been so busy with work, and that my evenings have been so filled taking care of a sick toddler (and now a sick wife) that I’m not yet past page 11 of the July 1940 issue. Couple that with a road trip I’m taking tomorrow, and that I have to go into the office on Sunday and there’s just no realistic way that I can finish up the issue on schedule. The last thing I want to do is rush, because I want to enjoy it. At the same time, however, I know that once established, folks begin to expect these posts and I don’t want to disappoint anyone.

So rest assured, this delay is due to unusual circumstance and is the exception, not the rule. Honest.

Episode 13 will appear Sunday evening, April 24 and the schedule will continue weekly thereafter, just as before. I apologize for this delay and I hope you can cut me a little slack.

In the meantime, this provides an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to catch up on the first year of the Golden Age of Astounding. The first 12 Episodes (covering July 1939 – June 1940) amounts to nearly 40,000 words of (I hope) enjoyable reading.


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