Long days, short nights

I’m in crunch time for the day job, as I might have mentioned. I’ve been working toward a fairly major rollout of a new server environment and that was targeted to happen April 30/May 1. Then I found out that I needed to go back to L. A. to attend some training right about the time we were planning on rolling out, which pushes things back a week or so. This project has me working long hours. I was at my writers group last night until 10:30, and then I was up just after 4 am this morning and into the office before 5:30am today. I didn’t head home until after 4pm. And tomorrow morning, I’ll be into the office by 6am once again. Couple this with the fact that the Little Man has been sick and that takes up additional energies and the result is that tonight, I am completely exhausted.

Another side effect of all of this is that I am once again behind on my Vacation reading, although I’m still hoping to catch up this weekend.

We took the Little Man to the park after work today and managed to get in a decent walk, and I thought I might watch the Yankees/O’s game tonight as a little break. But after I got the little guy down to bed, I cleaned up the TV room and the shut off the game. I’m heading up to bed as soon as I finish writing this post.

There’s still a couple more weeks of this work schedule, but I expect things to calm down a bit in May.


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