For lack of creativity

Hot off my rant on movie reboots (just a voice in the wilderness, I suppose), I learned yesterday (from a Jason Alexander tweet) that the 1966 movie, Fantastic Voyage is going to be remade, and James Cameron is involved. Is this not a perfect example of what I was talking about? Here is yet another third generation remake. In this case, a script was produced, for which Isaac Asimov was asked to do a novelization. He did so and worked so quickly that his book came out six months before the movie (creating the impression that the movie was based on the book). And now, 45 years later, Cameron wants to remake it.

Once again this is going to be all about demonstrating special effects, whatever creativity is involved in the picture will be in the technical aspects. I really can’t understand why screenwriters and directors can’t come up with original stuff, why they have to remake remakes. If it was a timeless classic it’s a little more understandable, but Fantastic Voyage? The book wasn’t Asimov’s best, but it wasn’t so bad. The best thing about the movie was Raquel Welch.

Maybe I’m not looking at this the right way, but I find this lack of creativity enormously depressing. It’s why I generally stick with written science fiction, which is among the most creative literatures extant, and run away from sci-fi flicks, which are, with rare exceptions, as about original as a paperclip in a paperclip factory.


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