It was one year ago today, October 25, 2005, that I first got my paid LiveJournal account. I’d had a free account for some time, but had never actually used it. I ended up getting the paid account for 2 reasons: (1) it was the first day of my vacation and I wanted to to be able to write about it, post pictures, etc., and it was only $20/year for a whole bunch of additional benefits; (2) I had decided that beginning in January, I would stop using the paper diaries that I had been using for almsot 10 years and move toward a “paperless” diary, and LJ could provide the perfect solution for that. So my official paid LJ user account is one year old today (in fact, it renews automatically today).

In a rather remarkable coincidence, this journal entry that you are now reading marks my 1,000th entry since October 25, 2005. One thousand entries in the last 365 days is not too bad. However, it is actually somewhat better than that. My entries between October 25, 2005 and January 1, 2006 were somewhat sporadic. However, beginning on January 1, 2006 and continuing through today, I have at least one journal entry for every day (and actually much closer to an average of 4/day). Compared to the single small page I used to write in my paper diaries, that is a vast improvement.

In addition to this being my 1,000th entry, I have also posted 417 comments to my and other people’s journals. And I have received just about 800 comments from other people–or better than 2 per day on average.

Every six months that a paid user stays with LiveJournal, they earn an extra 4 userpics for free, so I expect to be able to expand my library of userpics from 34 to 38 in the next couple of day. So, Happy 1st Anniversary to my LiveJournal account!

I am also continuing to make good progress on Lunar Prospector, which I am finding utterly fascinating (especially from the perspective of managing a large project) and even difficult to put down. Since I started the book late Friday, I have gotten through 280 pages (out of 1,100), and covered about 193,000 words, which amounts to 48,500 words/day. To show you how remarkable this is, in the last 10+ years, my average reading pace has been 24,300 words/day. This year it has slowed to 22,300 words/day. So my pace in Lunar Prospector is double my average reading pace over the last 10 years. (Anyone interested in my full reading stats can see my reading list.) If I can maintain this pace, I will end up finishing the book in about 11 more days, on or about Saturday, November 4, 2006. For a book that is nearly 800,000 words long (the second longest book I’ve ever read), this is a pretty remarkable pace.


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