Permanent account!

I am now the proud owner of a LiveJournal permanent account. That’s right, an LJ account that never expires! They are having a special week-long sale right now and it cost me $150 for the account upgrade. I get something like 138 userpics (always increasing) and 10 GB of disk space for pictures, plus several other features. And they donate a portion of my payment to charity!

I wondered what would happen with the time I had left on my paid account. They took care of that too. I was able to transfer my paid account time and extra userpic time to another user. Both were transferred to strausmouse. He now has a 133 day extension on his paid LJ account and 126 days of paid extra user pics (something like 100 more).

As frequently as I use LJ, this was worth it to me. I don’t have to pay any more bills and I have grown fond of the interface and functionality of the system, to say nothing of the cool updates that they make every now and then.


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