Halloween morning

I didn’t have the greatest night’s sleep last night for the first time in quite a while. I had “fever dreams”, even thought I have no fever and am not in any way sick. I just kept waking up from the same set of strange dreams throughout the night, and though I went to bed with time to get over eight hours of sleep, it seems as though I got far less than that.

Nevertheless, I was up and logged into work first thing this morning. I am waiting for the DirecTV service people to show up and I’m hoping they show up closer to 8 AM than noon, but what are the chances of that?

All Hallow’s Eve is this evening, and that means lot of kids running around in costume. Grown-ups too. At work they encourage people to come in costume and they even have “trick-or-treat” stations on each floor of the office. Strangely, it seems as though I am rarely in the office on Halloween. I was on vacation last year so I wasn’t in the office. I am working from home this year. Ten years ago, I was in the office. According to my diary, “I told everyone at work this morning that my costume was Mel Gibson on the cover of GQ.” I imagine that was funny back then, but I can’t recall why. I was also in the office nine years ago today but the only thing I say in my diary is that one of my coworkers dressed up as Dilbert, which is funnier to me now than it was then. In 1998, 1999 and 2000 I was not in the office for Halloween. Anyway, you get the idea.

I probably won’t be around this evening as it is the only chance I have to get to the gym to day. That’s a good thing because I forgot that Halloween was this week and I don’t have any candy at the house.


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