What to do when there is no TV

When there is no TV, it would appear the thing to do is to be on the phone. In the course of the last two hours or so, I’ve had four phone calls. First, I spoke to jen_ashlock who told me all about their trip upstate. Next, I talked to Doug. We hadn’t talked in a little while and ended up spending over an hour on the phone together. From Doug, I got updates on Ruby and Carson, and also found out that this time of year in Seattle, it starts to get dark shortly after the sun rises.

After Doug I called the folks and talked to Mom who told me about the SAP implementation happening at her company. Dad was out for a walk but when he got back, I spoke to him too. He’s had a tough week this week. In the course of the last 7 days, he has managed to break door to the dishwasher; bust the springs in his favorite chair; and accidentally spill laundry detergent all over the floor. I spent some time consoling him about it. I pointed out that these disasters come in “threes” and that he should have nothing to worry about. I suggested, however, that he stay away from the flat panel TV “just in case”.

Finally, I received a call from a robot at DirecTV reminding me that I have a service appointment scheduled for tomorrow and asking me to press 1 to confirm the appointment. I pressed 1. The robot then asked me to press 1 to confirm my appointment. Figuring the robot didn’t hear me the first time, I pressed 1 again. The robot then ushered forth a tsunami’s worth of “fine print”. I mean it went on and on and on. I probably should have hung up, but I was afraid that would somehow cancel my reservation and condemn me forever to long, dark evenings of phone calls.

I know it sounds unbelievable, but this is the excitement that is my life. I should bottle it and sell it on late-night infomercials. Off to bed now. I’m about 450 pages through Lunar Prospector and hoping to get through a little more before I doze off tonight.


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