Everybody’s working on the weekend

I was up at 8 AM this morning and took my car into Saturn for my 9 AM service appointment. Last night, while in the shower, I had the strong urge to seriously consider buying a new car today, but the urge passed and sanity returned, and instead, I had my car serviced and never even looked at another car while I was there. I had the service people take an extra good look at the car since I’m driving up to New York on Friday. Everything was in good order, except the brake fluid, which they drained and replaced. They washed the car and it’s looking shiny now. It only took an hour and I was out of there at 10 AM.

I made pretty good progress this week on the software project on which I am working. I hit most of my milestones for the week and felt pretty good when I left work yesterday. Sometime between leaving work yesterday and this morning, I had an idea that would avoid some minor problems that I had been running into and make the code a little more elegant. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head and so I decided to head into the office on a Saturday and get some work done. I got to the office around 11 AM and I worked until about 4 PM and I was quite pleased by the results. I even got a little ahead of where I should be in my effort which will help to make next week a bit easier.

I stopped at Best Buy on the way home and picked up a couple of DVDs: the special edition of Memento and the Star Trek “Time Travel” episodes box set. On the train ride home, I watched an episode of Battlestar Galactica on the video iPod.

I decided to take the rest of the evening off and chill. Earlier in the week, I’d had my TiVo record Beverly Hills Cop and Beverly Hills Cop II, both of which I hadn’t seen in a long time. I settled down to watch them this evening. No reading today, but that’s okay.


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