Loose ends

Just a few miscellaneous items before I head off to bed.

I’m up late because I got sucked into watching the Barbara Walters special “30 mistakes in 30 years”. The second part is on tomorrow night, but I’m TiVoing it so I don’t have to stay up for it. I did catch Smallville, which was great, and Gray’s Anatomy, which was eh.

I started an amusing email thread at work today by referring to that song from Sesame Street: “There’s a Hole In the Bucket.” I’m told that after my email, people in our Pittsburgh office were singing the song in the hallways.

I worked out with Bernard this afternoon, but I’m too tired to put the info on the journal. It will have to wait until tomorrow.

I got the December 2006 issue of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN in the mail today. The cover had come off, which annoys me. I need to find time to read it, which also annoys me.

Speaking of reading, I’m at one of those low points where I simply don’t know what to read. I read nearly 400,000 words of Lunar Prospector before stalling. I just spent 30 minutes skimming the 1,070 books on my shelves and came up empty-handed, which is always a bad sign. However…

William Gibson has finished writing his new novel, Spook Country. I saw something that said it was slated for an August 2007 publication. Clearly, I’ll have to find something to read in the meantime.

I listened to Bing Crosby most of the day today, and will probably do so again tomorrow. A couple times a year I get into this Bing Crosby kind of mood where I wish I had been born in the 1920s instead of the 1970s. (I could have lived through the Golden Years of Bing Crosby and the Golden Age of science fiction!)

I head to Seattle one week from today to spend Thanksgiving at Doug and Rachel’s house.

It’s Lisa’s birthday tomorrow. I chatted via IM with Denisse this evening. She wanted to ask if I could record Gray’s Anatomy for AJ. I did and told her he could come by this weekend to watch it if he wanted. Denisse is now in Switzerland so while it was 6 PM here when I was chatting with her, it was midnight there. I think that represents the most number of time zones I have crossed in an instant message chat.

I have a long list of things that need to get done and no idea where to get started. The list is in my head right now and perhaps the best way to get started is to get the list from my head on to paper. But that’s just another thing on the list to do.

And I’m almost ready to start writing a new story.


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