PS3 watching

When I got to work this morning, security wasn’t letting people into the mall. I had my badge on and they let me through so I could get into the office building, but I couldn’t figure out why they weren’t letting anyone else in.

Looking out my window now, I understand. My window looking into the mall and I can see a line formed outside the Sony Style store. People must be in line for their new PS3s. The line is not very long and the police (yes, Arlington police!) are turning away newcomers–so the stock must be pretty low. The mall is crawling with police and security right now. I think they expect a riot to break out as soon as the Sony store runs out of PS3’s.

When I was growing up, we worked summer jobs to do things like buy used cars and pay for college. Times change. Today, people are saving up for PS3’s and xboxes.

And I am suspect that people have actually saved for this. I wonder how many people are just charging the unit to an already over-extended credit card.

Interestingly, I see no girls in line.


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