Plane entertainment

I’ve got a long flight tomorrow: Baltimore to Seattle with a short stop in Chicago. I hate long flights because I get bored very quickly and I travel enough to where the more I travel, the quicker I get bored. So today I picked up Seinfeld, Season 7 which was just released on DVD (I already have the other 6 seasons) and figured I would kill time by watching episodes on the flight tomorrow.

Problem is, I don’t know how I will react to Kramer, after seeing Michael Richard’s racist tirade. I’m hoping it won’t spoil the show for me, but it seems it will be hard to look at Michael Richards without seeing him on that stage, spewing all of those racial epithets.

But when it comes down to it, if it passes the time quickly, then maybe it won’t matter. The good news is that the same flight that I am on tomorrow arrived on time in Seattle today.

Quittin’ time!


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