Alice in First Class?

Here I am at SFO, with about another 2 hours to go before I board my flight back home to Baltimore. I got here at about 7 PM local time. My flight from Seattle was uneventful. In fact, the Seattle airport was pretty empty, even though my flight was full. My upgrade went through, so I was sitting in First Class. As I was preparing to get off the plane, I noticed the people sitting around me all had Alice In Chains attire. Furthermore, one of them had a huge binder with an Alice In Chains label on the outside. I don’t know Alice In Chains from Alice In Wonderland. But these guys looked like they could be in a band. So once I got into the terminal, and seated in a bar, I got online and looked up some photos–and I am pretty sure that these guys really were members of Alice In Chains.

I watched the second half of the UCS/Notre Dame game at a bar in the terminal, accompanied by a BLT and two Margaritas (the idea would be that the Margaritas would help me sleep on the way home.

I also finally broke down and picked up one of those airplane power adapter laptop kits. In First Class, there are power outlets for plugging in laptops and I fly first class often even to make the purchase worthwhile. Now I don’t have to worry about using up power on my laptop sitting here at the terminal. When I get on the plane, I can plug my laptop into the power adapter and have power for the entire flight. So if I can’t manage to get any sleep, I can watch episodes of Seinfeld without worrying about my battery running out of power.

It’s a good thing tomorrow is Sunday. I am scheduled to arrive in Baltimore just after 7 AM, which means I’ll be home by 8 AM. I have all day to get some rest (assuming I don’t get much on the plane), do some grocery shopping, laundry, clean up the house, etc. Or just relax. I can use that after all of this travel.

UPDATE: According to vickyandnorm, Alice In Chains had a concert in Seattle yesterday and have a concert in San Francisco on Monday. That pretty much puts the nail in the coffin that it was, in fact, the band that I sat next to on my flight from Seattle to San Francisco.


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