Brief Chicago layover

Just arrived in Chicago. My flight continues on to Seattle so I can stay on the plane. Meanwhile, most of the plane has emptied out, and in fact, I am the only person left in the First Class cabin. It was a quite flight from Baltimore to Chicago. The First Class cabin was about 2/3 empty, but the flight attendants were really cool and they filled the empty seats with a bunch of Marines flying home for Thanksgiving. They just got off the plane for their connecting flights.

I got to BWI at 4:45 AM and there was plenty of parking in the hourly lot–even close up to the gate. The security line was longer than I’ve ever seen it, however, from the time I got into line to the time I was at the gate was only about 20 minutes or so. I’m still convinced that BWI has the most efficient security lines of any airport I’ve ever been to.

We are scheduled to depart Chicago at 8 AM, in about 50 minutes or so. Scheduled flight time to Seattle is another 4 hours and 20 minutes or so. I figure with the battery life I’ve got left on my laptop, I get kill three of those hours watching episodes of Seinfeld. Then, of course, there is breakfast, which I could really go for because I am hungry. (I had some OJ and snack on the first leg.) At this point, it looks like everything is on time and I should be in Seattle at about 10:30 or so.


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