Morro Bay, day 4

Labor Day. Up early again and did more reading of The Reagan Diaries. After Dan and Megan got up, we had a quick breakfast and then headed into San Luis Obispo and wandered around the town. The weather was gorgeous but surprisingly few people were out. We had lunch downtown and then headed back to Dan and Megan’s. I hit the road at 2 PM.

My flight wasn’t until 11 PM but, given that it was Labor Day, I suspected traffic. I didn ‘t hit any until just south of Santa Barbara, but then it was pretty steady from there to the airport. I was through security by 8 PM, so it took me 6 hours, when it normally takes 3. I’m glad I left early.

I was feeling a little better today. When I got to the airport I headed for the Red Carpet Club–nice setup at LAX, nicer than BWI for sure–and found a comfortable place to sit for the next 2 hours. I ordered a Margarita from the bar (Kelly had been texting me over the weekend and on a number of occasions, mentioned she was having a Margarita, so I was craving one by this point) and watched a few episodes of The Office on my iPod. I boarded the plane at 10:30 PM, first class, and had an uneventful flight home. I even managed to get a little sleep.

There was traffic coming down B/W Parkway but I was home by 8 AM. Zeke was fine, happy to see me. I had a note from the town of Riverdale that my grass it too long and I have to cut it within 10 days. Such sticklers!


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