I finally got some traction on my story, “If By Reason of Strength…” I’ve had a good idea for some time but haven’t felt like I could handle the idea. Add to that the fact that I didn’t know my problem and solution, and I wasn’t making much progress. But this evening, I came into my office, pulled a notepad out of my desk drawer, and started scribbling out some notes. Some were questions about the characters, others were questions about plot points. I just scribbled and let my mind go where it would. I took a short break to wash the dishes in the sink, and the scribbling must have jarred something loose, because just as I was cleaning off a fork, I got the problem and solution in one jolt! I also got the opening that I needed.

I finished the dishes, came back to my office, and restarted the story, completing the first part and writing a rapid 500 words. This could turn out to be a pretty productive weekend, as far as writing goes.


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