Friday writing

I started a new story yesterday, once again writing on a yellow legal pad in longhand, and I managed to get down about 800 words. It’s a very rough draft, and the final draft of the story will ultimately look a lot different, but I am trying an approach that scottedelman described a while back, whereby subsequent drafts grow substantially, filling in the details of the earlier draft.

Kelly was supposed to pick me up after work so that we could go over to happy hour together. So I went to sit out by Pentagon Row to wait for her. I sat on a bench, working on my story, and finally saw her drive by. I figured she was going to her usual parking spot, so I stood to walk over there, but paused to finish the paragraph I was writing. There I was, standing with my yellow pad, scribbling away, when all of the sudden I hear, “Hey, what are you doing!?”

Kelly was parked right in front of where I was standing, waiting for me. She said she’d been there for a minute, trying to figure out what it was I was so involved in.


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