Waiting for Comcast

I was up a 7:30 this morning and did a little bit of house cleaning while waiting for the Comcast technician to show up. They are scheduled to come between 8 and 11 this morning. I finally received a call at about 8:45 confirming the appointment and letting me know the technician would be here as scheduled. So now I’m just waiting.

I spent the last half hour or so doing some more detailed outlining of “If By Reason Of Strength…” I now have a very good idea of how the story will end and also what the major events in the story will be. I am now trying to fill in the blanks (the way that I did when I wrote “Graveyard Shift”). I’ve outlined in detail the first 6 sections of the story. From what I gather, I think there are probably at least 6 more sections to outline. It’s a little too early to make an accurate guess, but I’d say that the story is looking like it will be in the 12,000 – 15,000 word range.


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