The Comcast Saga

I’ve repeated myself a lot today and so please excuse the compactness that following. I’m just trying to bring everyone up-to-speed with a minimum of frustration to myself.

To recap:

  1. I canceled my DirecTV service and signed up with Comcast last week.
  2. Comcast came out Saturday morning to set me up. All went well, except they didn’t have the digital DVR in stock, so they would have to come back later on in the week.
  3. Monday morning I called to arrange a time for Comcast to come out to deliver and install my DVR receiver. They checked the stock and then scheduled a technician to come out on Wednesday (today) between 2 and 5 PM.

Today’s events:

  1. Just before I left work at 11 AM, I got a call from the Comcast tech asking if he could come out now. I told him I wouldn’t be home for a little while. He then asked why he was coming, and I explained. He told me that they didn’t have any DVR receivers in stock. I nearly hit the ceiling, but he said he’d check with the warehouse and call me back.
  2. At about noon, I called Comcast and explained the whole history. I was told they they were auditing the warehouse and I would get a call back. “Are you sure?” I asked. “Very soon,” they told me.
  3. At 4:45 I called to tell them no one has showed up yet. They said they couldn’t do anything until after 5 PM.
  4. At 5:15 I called again. This time, they checked with dispatch. I was told that the tech would be here “very soon”; he was running late from another job.

It’s now 6:10 PM and I haven’t heard from the tech, the warehouse, or customer service as to when this guy is actually going to show up. Meanwhile, since last night, I’ve received 2 phone calls from Comcast reminding me of my appointment today, one automated call, and one voicemail from a real person. I’ve held up my part of the bargain. I can’t say the same for Comcast.

To be continued…


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