The Dark Ages

Isaac Asimov wrote a series of history books for Houghton Mifflin company back in the 1960s and early 1970s. I think there were 14 books in all and that can be pretty hard to come by. Being a collector, I have 9 of them and today a tenth arrived from Powell’s Books, The Dark Ages. It’s in surprisingly good condition and it wasn’t that expensive at about $35. I’ve paid more than $100 for some of these history books, so this was a bargain.

Here is the list of Asimov’s history series for HMC. Bold titles are ones that I now own:

The Greeks (1965)
The Roman Republic (1966)
The Roman Empire (1967)
The Egyptians (1967)
The Near East (1968)
The Dark Ages (1968)
The Shaping of England (1969)
Constantinople (1970)
The Land of Canaan (1971)
The Shaping of France (1972)
The Shaping of North American (1973)
The Birth of the United States (1974)
Our Federal Union (1975)
The Golden Door (1977)

Ten down, four more to go!


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