Food for thought

I think the fact that I have been eating smaller meals, regularly every 3 hours for the last 11 days is beginning to have an effect on me. I say this because something unusual has started to happen to me that has never happened to me before. Up until now, when I am not hungry, when I have, say, just consumed a meal, the last thing I can think about is what I want for my next meal. Unlike jkashlock who thinks about what his next meal will be while eating his present meal, the very thought of doing this gives me chills.

But today, I’ve noticed that as I eat a meal, I am eagerly looking forward to the next one. For instance, as I was finishing up my lunch (PB&J, and some orange slices for “dessert”) I was thinking about the turkey and cheese sandwich that awaited me for my afternoon snack. Having finished my afternoon snack about an hour ago, I am eagerly awaiting my dinner this evening. (I’ve even been thinking about–GASP!–how I might improve my breakfast tomorrow morning!)

One good thing about 5 smaller meals each day is that I am never hungry. It’s only a few hours to the next meal and come meal time, I feel neither starved nor stuffed. However, when I go past that three hours, I’ve started to notice that I get hungry pretty quickly. Normally I eat dinner at 6 PM; last night, because of the Comcast delivery, I had to wait until nearly 7:30 to eat and I was hungry by that point.

And now all of this talk of food has made me hungry…


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