Wrap up

I did a little bit of writing tonight, but not much. Better than nothing, however. I can sleep in a bit later tomorrow; I don’t have to get up until 5:30 because I’m working out in the afternoon instead of the morning. That means I can get to bed a little later tonight and I’m taking advantage of that, reading more of Chindi, through which I am now about 170 pages. Lunch is packed, trash has been collected and taken out for pickup tomorrow, kitchen is clean, laundry is done.

All that’s left is for me to jump into the shower (to warm up a bit–going to be a cold night here) and then I’m off to bed.

I have a busy morning at work tomorrow, writing some documentation for the application I have been developing. A draft of that documentation is needed for a training session that I am holding for two people tomorrow afternoon so I have to be focused in the morning.

No dinner tonight. I just wasn’t hungry. I had a big pasta lunch today when Todd and Jason and I took Karl out to California Pizza Kitchen for his birthday. I’ll just have a bigger than usual breakfast in the morning.


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