Heavy dreams

I’m in the midst of a phase of what I call “heavy” dreams. These are big, ponderous, wearisome dreams that seem to last all night and leave you feeling sluggish and often worn out when you wake up. It probably explains why I slept in until almost 10 this morning! The thing about this dreams is that they are a potpourri of nonsense, so unclear that I can’t remember specific details save for a few images. At one point, I was standing on a chair at the edge of a balcony three stories above the street, looking for something. At another point, I was about to begin a very long drive home. Friends get confused in these dreams. At one point I was sitting next to Jim who, throughout the course of the dream, transmogrified into Rich, even though I kept referring to him as Jim. Waking up from these dreams is like waking up after taking NyQuil, everything about me feels heavy and sluggish. This has been going on for a week or two. I know at some point this phase will come to an end, but I wish it was sooner rather than later, because prior to this phase of heavy dreams, I was sleeping so well.


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